Hi!  I'm Buster (a.k.a. the "Widget")

I understand from Dad that I get a lot of hits on my webpage, so I thought I'd keep you all updated with what I'm doing.  Heck -- no one ever visits his site anyway, so why not put something interesting on it -- like ME!

Check out my link to
"Widget Goes West"
for pictures from my trip west to Boulder, CO the summer of '09.




Sarasota Loves Buster!


Thank you to all of my friends who voted for me and special thanks to Carolyn for the great photo (from our trip together to Nashville - Summer 2011).


April 5th 2018


I had to go to Heaven to wait for my friend Carolyn ("The Little One") who finally succumbed to cancer.  But for 18 months she didn't let it get the best of her.

We had awesome trips and crammed as much life as we could into those 18 months.  We're now watching over all our friends we left behind...  Keep an eye out for butterflies!


Summer 2016


It was a big Summer for me.  I turned 13!  We went north and had two trips to Boston for concerts at Fenway and a Wedding on the Cape.








Here I am at Rowes Warf doing what I do best (other than marking, of course)...


Summer 2015


We stayed in FLA this Summer and I took care of Mom. 


Winter 2013/14


It was another great winter to be here in FLA at Buster's Beach Bungalow, far away from the "Polar Express".








Here I am waiting for Santa...


Summer 2013


Under the category of "carpe diem", Buster uses a trip to Boston as an opportunity for a little self-promotion on HGTV...




...Mom & Dad says that the McCartney concert at Fenway was awesome.  I enjoyed the Hilton and markin' on the Rose Kennedy Greenway (good grass!).







I also hung out in Nashville for a couple days on the way home.  Not crazy about the glass elevators in the hotel, I must say...










Winter 2012/13


We made our annual trip to Key West this winter where I did some serious markin'. 



Winter 2011/12


This winter I took swimming lessons with my buddies in the Cove...

...It was great!!.

...but I think I swallowed a little too much sea  water.



Summer 2010


On a sad note, my little buddy Snick left this world on July 30th and left us all feeling very empty...

...It just won't be the same without him.


Winter 2010

New Orleans


Instead of Key West this winter we headed back to New Orleans with a whole crew from FLA -- even my buddy "Max"!

"OKAY I'M READY FOR BOURBON STREET!!"...  I've got some markin' to do.



Winter 2009

Key West


We went to Key West again, but this time I got to order when we hit Sloppy Joe's --

"A BUCKET OF ICE WATER PLEASE WITH PLENTY OF ICE!!!"...  I've got a lot of marking to do on Duval Street.



Winter 2008

Key West


We went to Key West again and hit all the best smells -- Hog's Breath, Sloppy Joe's, Fat Tuesdays...

...speaking of best smells, something came over me when we passed an ice cream & cookie store on Duval Street.  I pulled a Houdini move with the collar, gave Dad the slip and  darted into the shop.  Boy was that great!


Fall 2007

Back Home


I love road-trips, but It's always great to be back home!  Do you like my Halloween bandana?

Summer 2007

Lake Placid, NY


We traveled to Lake Placid where they had snow on the sidewalk in the summer!  I couldn't help but make a little yellow snow...



We also went to Vermont for Dad's family reunion where they took me to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.  Boy, was that great.  I think they have very CREAMY cows there.

January 2007

Key West


While others admire the sunsets in Key West at Mallory Square, I'm looking at the street-performer with the French accent and the house-cats and the dog in boxer-shorts walking a tight-wire!




Halloween in FLA


We got back to Florida in plenty of time for Halloween.  Mom says Halloween in Florida is nice because the little trick-or-treaters don't have to wear heavy coats over their costumes.

Blue Ridge Parkway


We took a different route back to Florida so Dad could show us the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was very pretty, but very twisty and my tummy felt funny after a while...

Summer in New England

We spent the Summer in New England again.  They have nice sunsets in New England too.  I'm sporting my bandana from the "northernmost" Harley dealer in Fairbanks Alaska Dad got me.  He said this was as dark as it ever got at night when he was there.

%$#!$# Cat


I wish the damn cat would leave my toys alone...

Southermost Lab


We started off 2006 with a trip to Key West.  Boy was that fun!  There are so many great smells in Key West.  We did everything.  Stay tuned for more pictures...


Christmas 2005


We found Santa in Florida staying cool inside the mall.  He was pretty insistent that Mom sit on his lap for the photo???

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my fans.


Summer 2005


This Summer we went to Vermont for Dad's family reunion.  This is me and Mom in downtown Burlington, VT.


After the reunion we took a ferry across Lake Champlain to upstate New York.  That was different!


We cruised the Adirondacs; saw Lake Placid and Lake George; but my favorite part was when we stayed with Dot & Rock at their place in the Finger Lakes.


It was great to visit New England and New York in the Summer, but it's nice to be back in Florida on my lawn where it's always Summer.

Stay Tuned...



Buster Loves Any Event


This is me at the Boston Marathon last year when I used to live in the Boston area.  I was just a pup then, but I'm a big-boy now.

Buster Loves N.Y.

For Thanksgiving I went to New York City to see my friend SpongeBob make his début in the Macy's Day Parade (that's me and Mom in the foreground).


Buster Loves Florida

Mom says Winter "sucks," so in 2004 we put the house in Boston up for sale and headed for Florida.  Mom likes pictures of sunsets -- especially when I'm in the picture.

Buster Likes the Pool Too

Sunsets on the beach are okay, but I like hanging by the pool at our place in Florida (until it gets too hot -- then I like going inside for the central air).


Buster #@!% the Cat!!!

I don't know why we had to bring the cat!  He's 20+ lbs of trouble, but I do like chasing him around the house.  Sometimes he chases me, but let's not go there...

What the?...

Florida sure has some strange ideas when it comes to civic pride..

Buster Likes Harleys Too

Maybe Dad will get me that sidecar?!  I'm kind of tired of Harley bandana's...