Sturgis Rally

Capt. Unbound overlooks Buffalo herds at Yellowstone N.P. Never say never!   I never thought I'd do the Sturgis Rally, but Bill convinced me it was something I had to "experience."  The ride enroute through Yellowstone cinched it for me, but Sturgis was definitely an "experience."  Bill also said I had to camp out to truly "experience" it.

(photo -
Yellowstone N.P.)


"Habib Run"

Two out of three ain't bad... In September '04 the "Three Amigos" got together and made a run down Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway from D.C. to Boone, NC to visit an old friend, business associate and former CIA operative -- "Habib".  There will definitely be a sequel to this one.

(photo - Blue Ridge Pkwy)



These guys probably suck at golf anyway Conferences also present the perfect opportunity to have some fun with clients who ride.  Nothing against the typical golf scramble, but I'm finding more and more clients who ride, and never dreamed of renting a Harley and taking a half-day ride after a "stimulating" conference.

(photo - Palm Springs, CA)


Weekends at Client Sites

YAHOO!!! Some of our client engagements are located near some great roads.  If you're already at the client-site or flying-in from another client, there aren't any airfare costs, so it's just the cost of the bike, meals and lodging.

(photo - Valley of Fire Canyon, Las Vegas, NV)


Night Rides at Client Sites

Hey, that ain't workin' -- that's how ya do it! Some of our client engagements offer ideal opportunities for pulling together night rides.  Many rental outfits offer "sunset" specials where you can rent a bike from 6pm to midnight.   The shot at left is from our stint at FPC in St. Pete, FL.  Wind down from work with a sunset ride and dinner on the water.

(photo - St. Pete Beach, FL)