Unbound '18 -- The 20th Anniversary Ride
Colorado...  Where it all began.
June 23rd - 30th (Sat - Sat)

The inaugural "Unbound" ride in 1998 (Captain Unbound & Steve).

NOTE: The rumors about Harley-Davidson dropping it's rental program in 2018 appear to be true.  Harley's rental program has been turned-over to EagleRider.  As I've warned in the past -- EagleRider does not have a forgiving cancellation policy (I believe you'll only get a credit on a future rental if you cancel).  There is an EagleRider location in Denver and we've rented there before.  The only up-side to EagleRider is that they offer a one-way rental option which might open the door to some different route options on future rides.

I'll try to firm-up a preliminary route over the holidays.  The ride will likely be similar to the Unbound '15 route as shown below:

Stay tuned....