Unbound '11
Idaho, Montana and Wyoming (Jackson Hole & Yellowstone)

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Captain Unbound




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Unbound '11 logged in at 1,875 miles and was another great ride -- i.e., great scenery; great roads; and great weather.  Unfortunately, we had one casualty -- Ray's bike.  He blew-up his engine running Nitrous...  I guess he gave it just one squirt too many.  Too bad it wasn't his Woody -- because we found a place that would do that!.

The route took us north from Boise through Hells Canyon area to Lewiston.  From Lewiston we headed northeast on Route 12 over Lolo Pass in the Bitterroot Range to Missoula.  Ray smoked his motor just shy of Missoula and we ended up losing Ray, Brent and Brian in Missoula.  From Missoula the rest of the pack headed south to Sun Valley in the Sawtooth Range (For you Clint Eastwood fans, the film Pale Rider was shot in the Sawtooth Range).  We lost Bill, Russ and Steve after Sun Valley and it was just Mike and Captain Unbound who made the trek to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone.

It was great to have Mike join us again after a few years hiatus -- and not just because he brought Cubans.  And what goes better with Cubans than a single malt Scotch?  I know the photo is a little blurry, but so were we at the time.  Like I said, we had great weather and the only time we had to breakout the rain gear is when Mike and I walked to dinner in Jackson Hole to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar where the bar stools are western saddles.

From Jackson Hole, we did a loop through Yellowstone and covered most of the park.  Mike said he wanted to see a Grizzly bear and I told him that was pretty unlikely, but as we entered Teton National Park on our way into Yellowstone -- there on the side of the road was a Grizzly bear.  Pretty cool!  The roadside stop for the Grizzly put us at Old Faithful just minutes before she blew and we did lunch inside the Old Faithful Lodge.  I just love these old National Park Lodges.

Part of the Unbound experience is you never know what you're going to see -- like the conning tower of a nuclear submarine -- not to mention the little Mom & Pop lunch-spots are always entertaining.

More to come as pictures surface and I have time to incorporate...